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Keep Your Dogs Safe During BBQ Season

Whisp is still smiling despite her ordealWhisp the lurcher is recovering at home after vets discovered a kebab skewer lodged in her insides.

Whisp arrived at our Lincoln Farm rescue centre as a stray earlier this year. At the time, she had a health check and operation to remove a lung but vets did not find anything else. Once she had recovered from her operation, Whisp was happily rehomed to Lauren. 

Lauren explains what happened next: “I sensed that something wasn’t quite right with Whisp a few weeks after she came home. I immediately took her to the vets and they found a huge kebab skewer! Luckily it has now been removed and Whisp is recovering well. She goes back to have her stiches taken out in a couple of weeks.”

We believe that Whisp had been accidently punctured with the kebab skewer before she came in as a stray. With BBQ season upon us, it is so important to be aware of the risks for your pets.

Kebab skewers pose a huge risk as dogs could fall on one that was sticking up, just as we believe Whisp did, or they could even swallow them. They can also get injured from cooked bones or sustain burn injuries from stealing piping hot food from the BBQ.

Our top 3 tips for keeping your dog safe at a BBQ:

1. Party food is not for pets. Make sure you establish boundaries and keep food and drink out of reach, your dog should not be sneaking sizzling sausages from the BBQ! Dripping grease can also be tasty for dogs, so make sure they don’t tuck into some gravel that’s been coated in yummy fat from the cooking meat. Alcohol and corn on the cob can be particularly dangerous for your pet.

2. Don’t feed your dog cooked bones. It can be tempting to give your dog a treat but cooked bones can shatter easily, cause choking or injury and could get stuck or puncture your dog’s digestive tract.

3. Keep your rubbish out of reach. Some dogs are excellent as sniffing out scrumptious leftovers but aluminium foil, plastic wrap, matches and kebab skewers can be very dangerous if your pet gets hold of them.

No one will ever know exactly how Whisp ended up abandoned with a large kebab skewer inside her, but one thing is for sure, with Lauren looking out for her, she’s now one lucky lady.  

If you are worried about the health of your vet, please contact your vet immediately.

Whisp was rescued by Lauren from Margaret Green Animal Rescue

Whisp in her forever home