Finding Forever Homes

Give Our Brood A Brighter Future

Working in conjunction with British Hen Welfare Trust we have taken in 33 hens from a commercial farm. These lovely girls are only about 18 months old but no longer have any ‘value’ in the commercial market however make lovely pets and will still lay an egg a day. They arrived here on Sunday 16th looking a little worse for wear with a few missing feathers, they need to lose a bit of weight and increase their fitness – this will come naturally now they have room to move around and exhibit natural behaviours. Given the right environment and some TLC it really doesn’t take long for their feathers to come back and for their individual characters to shine!

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Hens make great pets and are relatively easy to keep. You will need a fox and vermin proof chicken house with perches and nest boxes. Hens can be allowed free roam in a secure garden but will need protection from foxes even during the day. You will need to able to lock them into their house every evening and let them out again in the morning.

Hens need company so we are looking to re-home them in groups and they will be available for rehoming on Monday (24th July 2017). 

If you would like any more information on these hens and how to go about giving them a Forever Home please feel free to contact us on 01929 480474 or email churchknowle@mgar.org.uk

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