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Garden of Remembrance

Since the opening of our Church Knowle rescue centre in 1965 we have always had a Garden of Remembrance. This is a very special area which provides a place of tranquil reflection where people can come to remember their loved ones. As pet owners ourselves, we know that losing your pet is like losing a member of the family and the Garden provides those that do not have the facility at home to scatter or inter the ashes of a beloved pet and even scatter ashes of a loved one.

Great care has been taken over the overall rhythm of planting, to not only enhance the area aesthetically but also the use of certain shrubs and plants that will attract insects, butterflies and birds, and provide a wash of colour and scent all year round. Sympathetic planning to enhance and preserve the garden will ensure that it will remain a place of remembrance and peace for future generations. 

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Newly refurbished in 2015, to mark our 50th anniversary and the year that would also have seen Margaret Green’s centenary birthday, the Garden has been lovingly refurbished with the help of a great supporter of our charity, Mr Geoff Cooper, and donations in kind from many local businesses. 

The Garden of Remembrance provides a vital stream of funding for the animals in our care. If you are interested in using the Garden or indeed reserving a plot, please know that in doing so your fees or donations will ultimately help us to continue our work for many years to come. As we reflect on the rescue and rehoming of animals over the last 50 years, with your help we look forward to the next 50 years.

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Use of Garden

Scattering of Ashes:    

Scattering of ashes (animal)    
To include an optional plaque on a board in the garden
Scattering of ashes (human)    
To include an optional plaque on a board in the garden

Interment of Ashes:   

Small plot
Including Slate effect plaque, mounted on wooden back board and stake.
(Small animals, small dogs and cats)
Medium plot
Including Slate effect plaque, mounted on wooden back board and stake.
(medium and large animals including dogs)
Large plot
Including Slate effect plaque, mounted on wooden back board and stake.
(horses and donkeys)
Memorial Bench
Situated in the Garden of Remembrance and including a plaque.

Memorial Tree
To be chosen from a selection of species and planted at Church Knowle in a location decided with the charity with Slate effect plaque, mounted on wooden back board and stake.

 From  £120.00

Memorial Plaque
Slate effect plaque, mounted on wooden board and stake, to be situated at an agreed site within the Garden of Remembrance with the charity.


Further Information

  • The Garden of Remembrance is open to public during our planned opening hours of 1030am until 4pm (last admission 330pm) from 3rd October 2020 until Easter 2021 at weekends and school holidays only. Please note the centre is also closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.
  • Cremated remains may be scattered or can be interred in an allocated grave and contained in a biodegradable casket. An application prior must be made to Margaret Green Animal Rescue. 
  • Margaret Green Animal Rescue will supply the memorial with your chosen inscription following your completed application form and payment. 
  • Following an interment, fresh flowers only may be placed on graves, these should be removed by either the family or staff of Margaret Green Animal Rescue after fourteen days. Plant pots, glass containers and plastic flowers are not permitted. 
  • No planting is allowed on graves. This includes flowers, shrubs, bulbs and miniature plants. 
  • Kerbs or railings enclosing a gravespace and chippings of any kind are not permitted. No structures of any kind (other than an authorized memorial) are permitted on the gravespace. Solar lights are also unacceptable. 
  • Nothing may be affixed to, or hung upon any monument such as crosses, images, ornaments or paintings. Unauthorised fixings will be removed by the staff at Margaret Green Animal Rescue. 

If you would like more information please contact Church Knowle 01929 480474 or