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Fred and Barney, Yabba Dabba Doo

                                  Yabba Dabba Doo

Fred and Barney our saanen goats are firm favourites with visitors, they are a cheeky pair who love nothing better than coming over to say hello and have a neck rub.

In the last few weeks, poor old Barney was walking with his foot in a strange position, making him walk on his heel.  We brought the vet in to take a look, and they felt it was due to tendon damage.  Barney’s feet have always been slightly deformed, which may have contributed to this happening.

                                    Poor Barney  That's better 

The Before and After of Barney's foot

Barney had a special supportive wedge made for his foot, which he managed to keep on for a week; but that was long enough, because when it was taken off our team were thrilled to see that his foot position had improved.

                                                                      Here is the special boot

Here it is, the special boot 

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