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Keep your pets safe and sound during Firework Season


Margaret Green Animal Rescue are urging animal lovers to learn the signs associated with fear in their beloved pets and are providing advice on how to make firework season less stressful for them.

 “It is important that pet owners are made fully aware of how to manage the fear that so many animals feel with regards to fireworks” says Alan Ging, manager for the Wingletang branch, just outside of Tavistock. “Each animal can show different signs of fear.  Owners should learn exactly what signs their pets use. Behaviours to watch out for in dogs can included panting, pacing, yawning and lip-licking, whereas behaviours in cats can include enlarged pupils, withdrawal from their owner, inappropriate “messing” in parts of the house and a crouching gait”


“With dogs it’s a good idea to make sure your dog has plenty of exercise during the day as well as a good meal. This will help them feel more tired in the evening. You could try putting the radio on or TV for background noise as well as keeping the curtains closed. If your dog is displaying mild anxiety, distract them with some toys and have a game.

All of these tips can be useful with cats too. Of course it is important to keep your cat in during the evening of known firework displays. Letting them have their favourite indoor hiding place accessible and providing a litter tray indoors in a convenient place will also help with stress”.

The charity also says that it is important to think about smaller animals at this time.

 “Our advice would be to put away outdoor pets earlier than usual to allow them to settle before the fireworks start. Give them plenty “to do” in order to keep busy, for example why not stuff a cardboard tube full of hay and treats for them to forage in?”

“We see an influx of stray animals around firework night and this could well be due to animals running away through fear of the noises associated with fireworks ­ Please take extra special care of your pets this season”.