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Exceptional weather calls for exceptional decisions

Exceptional weather calls for exceptional decisions

At Margaret Green Animal Rescue (MGAR) we have taken the decision to postpone our Family Fun Day and Novelty Dog Show which was due to be held on August 5th, until the very popular Country Fayre on Sunday September 23rd.

The prolonged hot weather over the last month or so may have been perfect for holidays and beach based days out, but for animals it continues to be a very difficult time.  The welfare of the dogs attending on the day and the animals which would have been involved in the Fun Day is of paramount importance to us, and we feel that the only answer is to encourage dog owners to stay at home and keep their animals in the cool.

Cool Dogs

As you know we recently gave out information on how to keep your pets cool in the shade, and we are adamant that this decision, whilst disappointing, is the best one for all the animals involved.

Geoff Wright, Chief Executive said “We cannot ask people to bring their dogs out on what is forecast to be a very hot day, where we can offer very little shade or rest.  We are really sorry to have disappointed our many supporters by having to make this decision. 

We want everyone to enjoy the summer, but for animals it is a very difficult time and the dog show may cause undue heat and stress which we could not condone.  We feel sure that we will be supported in this decision which is based solely on animal welfare.”

Geoff went on to say, “We have decided to combine the Fun Day and Novelty Dog Show with our Country Fayre on September 23rd, which will make it a day to remember, and we look forward to seeing everyone there.”

Goat ice lolly

Extremes of weather like this are very costly to the charity who have posted pictures on their social media of the ways they are helping to keep the animals in their care cool and happy.  If you feel that you may be able to help with a donation, please click on this link - Thank you


Jenni Wilkinson

Fundraising and Marketing Manager