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Sheep Dog Comp

These two Sheepdog collection boxes have been through a lot before they got to us at Margaret Green Animal Rescue (MGAR), just like so many of the pets we care for.  Now, we have a Happy Forever Home for them at Church Knowle Rehoming and Visitor Centre (Church Knowle) for as long as they want, but they do need a little help to ensure they look their best.

Design me Comp V2

The story goes, and as it is almost folklore you will have to allow a little poetic licence here, these two brave dogs were found bobbing around in the sea near Bournemouth, a rescue mission was put in place to get them to safety, but then, what to do with two large Old English Sheepdogs who needed a new home?  We were contacted to see if we could help, and of course we offered them a safe refuge, they spent many happy years on site at Church Knowle  collecting donations for all their friends, until the weather and some damage meant they were retired for a few  years.

But, you can't keep a good dog down, and here they are repaired, spruced up and ready to go again,  this time they are looking for a coat of many colours and a name, and by entering our fun competition you could help them to find just that.

Just download a template today and start your design



We have two categories, under 16's and 16 and over, once we have the winning design we will copy it across onto the actual Sheepdog collection box, name the dog, add the MGAR branding and they will be ready to go into action on site at Church Knowle again, doing what they do best, raising money for our animals!

Download a template and then enter using one of special entry forms

Entries close on 5th November  2018, and a presentation will be held in early January 2019 at our Church Knowle Rehoming and Visitor Centre Wareham, BH20 5NQ

Good Luck, have fun, we can't wait to see your designs

Design Sheet

Entry Form