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Update - Can you donate to an unexpected cost for Winnie?

Update  7th October 2019 

Winnie says Thank You!

Wow! We have been blown away by your generosity and support for Winnie the Black Labrador who needed life-saving surgery on coming in to Lincoln Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre with a serious condition called Pyometra. Your donations to help cover the costs incurred in saving Winnie are greatly appreciated and as we have raised over our target we will be able to help other dogs in our care too.

We are pleased to say that Winnie is currently with a foster family and has a forever family home lined up to go to soon so, she really is one lucky ‘pup’.

Winnie and her friends can’t thank you enough for donating, thank you so much!    

Read her story below...


4th October 2019

Winnie warns that lifesaving surgery comes at cost.

Can you donate towards an unexpected cost?


Winnie an elderly black Labrador arrived at our Lincoln Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Dorset very late one night after being found abandoned. It quickly became clear to the staff on duty that night that she was showing signs of lethargy and appeared to be very uncomfortable, raising concerns over her welfare.

Winnie 001


After being monitored overnight, Winnie was taken straight to the vet in the morning where she was given a health check and an ultrasound. The staff had been right to be concerned, as the ultrasound showed that Winnie was suffering from Pyometra.

Pyometra is a very serious infection of the womb caused by a bacterial infection, which can cause the womb to fill with puss. If left untreated the condition can be fatal and so emergency surgery to remove the infected womb is the only option. This condition is generally seen in older unneutered females, although it can affect unneutered females of any age. Symptoms include lack of appetite, lethargy and sometimes discharge.

The cost of the surgery was just under £800 in total, however, we were lucky enough to receive a donation from the local council to fund 50% of this. Due to the urgent nature of the surgery we had to fund the rest without hesitation.

Whilst there is no price on lives like Winnie's, an amount of £400 is a significant amount for us to fund and that's where you come in. If you can make a donation it would mean we can continue the work we do to help rescue dogs like Winnie.

Please donate via this link - https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/winniemgar

Thankfully Winnie is now recovering well from her life saving surgery and is being a very good patient. She is enjoying having company and loves to be stroked whilst being sat with and talked too. She is also looking forward to going to her forever home soon.

Winne 002

Donate today to help raise £400 for Winnie and her friends.


All the money raised goes towards the care and welfare of our animals.

Thank you so much