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Bulldog Spirit shone through, when the sun could not!

Bulldog Spirit shone through, when the sun could not!

Tri4Rescue 2017 b

Only fitting really that it was Bulldog spirit that shone through on Sunday 3rd September when over 50 walkers took part with their four legged friends in the Wingletang annual Tri4Rescue.

The first leg was the walk, and they battled wind and rain to get to the Peter Tavy Inn, where some (and possibly the more sensible ones) stopped for lunch.

The next leg was the run, but the appalling weather conditions had made the original course too dangerous and so it had to be changed, giving an even more challenging run uphill all the way to Pork Hill.  From here the runners were joined by cyclists who pedalled over 13 miles in thick fog.

Why, you may ask yourself?  They did it to raise funds for Margaret Green Animal Rescue and, that is just what happened with a wonderful £4,391.85 raised in total.

Huge thanks to everyone who took part, some in all three legs, to our volunteers who helped throughout the day despite being soaked to the skin, and to The Peter Tavy Inn and Rentaford for their support,  we look forward to seeing everyone back again next year, when, don’t worry,  we have already put in an order for better weather!

Here are some of the pictures from the day

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