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Become a Birthday Fundraiser

A great way to raise money for our rescue animals is by setting up a Birthday Fundraiser through Facebook.

It's very easy to do as long as you've entered your birth date into you FB Profile. Then as your birthday approaches facebook will 'ask' you if you'd like to choose a charity to have monetary gifts donated to by your friends and family instead of receiving gifts.

Facebook Bday Fundraiser Poster

You can set the amount you are hoping to raise for Margaret Green Animal Rescue and this will show on the fundraiser info and on our facebook page too along with a progress bar to let everyone know how it's going and hopefully encourage more donations.

It really is that easy and all the money you raise will go towards helping us to care for over 1,200 animals a year across our centres in Devon and Dorset. 

To set up your birthday fundraiser click on this link 


If you would like some help in getting started please contact

Once you've completed your fundraiser, send your postal address to and we'll send you a certificate as thank you for your support. 

Facebook birthday fundraiser certificate