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Bear's Blog - Week 7

 14th Dec 2018

It’s just too tempting...

Well, I warned them, don't leave me unattended, but would they listen!?

Bear Wk 7 001

I'm helping by making sure the shoeboxes contain lot's of lovely things!

It was just too tempting, surely they can't expect me to wait another 11 days? All these lovely shoeboxes being donated for me and my four legged friends. But don't worry I knew which box had the dog goodies in. I don’t think the cats here at Wingletang would have been too impressed either if I had opened theirs too!

Bear Wk 7 002

Thank you to everyone who has donated shoeboxes so far, we really love receiving goodies especially at Christmas time. There’s still time to join in, my carers say you should click on this link to find out more https://www.margaretgreenanimalrescue.org.uk/Shoe_Box_Appeal_2018

That’s all for this week as I need to get back to checking out these shoeboxes...