Finding Forever Homes

Bear's Blog - Week 6

 7th Dec 2018

Making a splash...

Bear on treadmill 003

Well, I was told when I first arrived at Wingletang that all the animals across all 3 MGAR centres have a great social life, from cats being cuddled, to my own variety visiting local towns and meeting and greeting. But today my social life just got even better...

Today, I visited K9 splash hydrotherapy in Plymouth, I initially thought, what is that odd contraption but the lovely Tracy Allen who runs the centre explained that it was a treadmill.

Bear on treadmill 005

At first I wasn't sure but Tracy reassured me that I would be ok! 

Tracy very gently put me through my paces, watching me in the mirror to make sure I was using my legs correctly. This visit enabled me to get used to the water treadmill before my second operation, which is happening soon. Once I got the hang of it, I really enjoyed it and all the delicious treats that I got with it.

Bear on treadmill 004

The treats made the experience even better!

I also had a sneaky look in the mirror to see how I looked and I have to say I am looking good! You can see just how well I did on the treadmill by checking me out at: https://www.youtube.com/user/animalsneedinghomes/videos

Thank you to everyone who’s following my progress and for all the words of encouragement as I recover from my first knee operation and prepare for the second.

Until next week...