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Bears Blog - Week 3 update

 16th Nov 2018

Bear and his Buddies

Well, it’s now 10 days post op and I’m doing really well. I am having exercise little and often but only on lead and my carers make me walk very slowly.

Bear and his Buddies

Here I am with my buddies enjoying a reunion walk.

As I am in the Luxury ‘Wingletang Wing’ I am not seeing my four legged buddies so much and am missing them, so today, I was allowed to walk around the off lead area with them but they had to stay on lead as well, because they were so happy to see me and my two legged friends didn’t want me, or them to get over excited. It was a lovely reunion and apparently, it’s now going to happen on a daily basis so that my social skills remain as good as they were before I had my operation.

Look out for more updates from me in the coming weeks... and if you missed any of my recent posts take a look at https://www.margaretgreenanimalrescue.org.uk/news