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Bear's Blog - Week 15

 22nd Feb 2019

Well, another week has flown by and this week I’ve had another trip to Plymouth and a session in the water treadmill. Excuse the pun but I am now taking to it now like a duck to water, well apart from drinking the water whilst I was in there!

On my first visit to www.k9splashhydrotherapy.co.uk, Tracy measured my thighs and this time, she measured them again... my first operated leg has gained over 4cm in muscle. So, now we are waiting for my second leg to catch up.

Bears blog Wk 15

The treats make my treadmill sessions even more worhwhile!


My weekly treadmill sessions will continue, as firstly, they are so beneficial for my rehabilitation and secondly, I just love to meet and greet everyone. And it’s all with the added bonus of treats that are offered to me during my sessions. Having said that, my daily rations are reduced for my evening meal though.

See you next time...

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