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Bear's Blog - Week 10

 18th Jan 2019

Well, I had my planned second tibial-plateau-leveling osteotomy operation on Tuesday 15th January and it went well. It was a bit more problematic than the first knee operation as a piece of cartilage had broken off and was flipping in and out of the knee joint but the amazing Joe Fox at Exeter St Davids Referrals and his lovely team of nurses looked after me so well and repaired the damage.

I’m now back in the ‘Wingletang Wing’ and being very well cared for. At the moment I am only going outside to do my ‘business’, as I am on strict rest!

Bears Blog Wk 10

I'm a bit fed up as I am now at my target weight so, I will not be getting any more extra meals! 

However, I’m rather upset, as, whilst I needed to put on weight when I first arrived, I have been informed that my weight is now perfect (I have put on 3.5kg), so no more extra meals for me, I’m still getting a bedtime treat though!

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