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Bear's Blog - Signing off

 28th Feb 2019

Well as you can see, I’m having my pampering and pet-icure session ready for me to go to my new home.

Bears Blog signing off 001

I have spent 135 days at Wingletang and in that time, like my other four legged friends here, I have known nothing but love and kindness. I arrived at the centre at 20 months of age, in pain, struggling to play with the other dogs here and frustrated at not being able to do so. Thankfully, Margaret Green Animal Rescue felt they had a duty of care to alleviate my suffering before I could be re-homed at a considerable expense and time to themselves.

They tell me that I have been such a good boy in my recuperation, so tolerant with all I have had to do - I did find walking over a ladder daily a bit ridiculous though! I have met Joe Fox and his lovely team from Exeter St Davids who performed the surgery, Tracy from K9 Splash who taught me to walk in water aiding my recovery. I have watched my four legged friends come and go into their new loving homes but I have met new friends along the way, which has kept my social skills up.

The day has finally arrived where I am ready to join Mark & Ileen in their home with their boys. They have visited me regularly and I have got to know them really well, but they have been warned that I snore loudly and tend to sleep with my tongue hanging out, the cheek of those girls at the Centre.


Bears Blog signing off 002

I've found my forever home!


My rehabilitation will continue in my new home, I will have to take it slowly and I am going to continue with my treadmill sessions at K9 Splash on a weekly basis as it has been so beneficial in my progress. I will miss all the girls at the centre but I have promised to visit them to let them know how I am doing and may even enter in most handsome dog class at their annual Novelty Dog Show on 9 June 2019.


Bears Blog signing off 003

I'm being very cheeky at my treadmill session!

Thank you to everyone who has followed in my progress, I have had so much support during my road to recovery and ultimately, I was very lucky to find Margaret Green Animal Rescue who invested in what they do best, which is kindness, love and support, not just for me, but for all my fellow friends here and at the two Centres in Dorset.

Woofs & licks Bear xxx