Finding Forever Homes

55 Success Stories

 16th Oct 2020

As part of our Perfect Match Campaign and that we are now in our 55th year, we want to share 55 Success Stories with you! As human beings we search for our soul mate, best friend, our perfectly matched partner and animals are no different. Across our three centres it is paramount that each and every animal finds the right home.

Take a look back of our success stories below, it is sure to give you those warm and fuzzy feelings! 

paw pink1. "Max met the family and settled down quickly. This morning they have both gone outside and seem a lot happier, there has been some fur pulling and humping all from Mrs Crumble, so I think she is in charge. Max isn’t that bothered!! Later this morning I’ll open the run up so they can move between the run and the hutch freely. Max is eating well and seems very happy."


Max success


paw pink2. "Moosh had a relatively stress free trip home. He soon explored the house and seems quite taken with the bathroom. He got himself stuck in the kitchen blinds within an hour of getting home and he appears to prefer to drink water from the washing up bowl rather than the perfectly good cat bowl, but hey! He’s found his favourite spot, which is in the landing next to the radiator, which was also a favourite spot of our dear old Percy. He has been following me around like a shadow most of the evening. Here he is guarding the stairs."


Moosh success


paw pink3. "They have settled in very well. They haven't stopped exploring every inch of the house!" 


Salem and Sabrina success


paw pink4. "Here is Maisie and as you can see she loves all the attention. She loves giving the children rides and is such a character!"


  Maise Success3


paw pink5. "I thought you might like to see how Marigold is getting along....as you can see she is helping herself to some marigold leaves!"


Marigold success


paw pink6. "Minnie has settled in really well. For the first few days she was abit nervous and found comfort underneath our bed, but now she loves to be stroked and played with. Also she has a big appetite and is looking forward to going out soon. Thankyou again for letting us adopt Minnie."


Minnie success


paw pink7. "On Christmas Eve we popped to Lincoln Farm to walk a few dogs and deliver some pressies. We were not planning on a new addition. Then out came a lovely chap called Myrrh. Who was the happiest funniest boy - doing roly polys with joy and just so funny, we where smitten. After a big think over Christmas we decided to bring him to join our MGAR girl Lily and Myrrh became Dylan. Sadly we lost his Sister to cancer but have found him a new Brother to play with and cuddle. Dylan is a joy every day. The happiest boy ever with his helicopter tail and joy at everything. He found training classes to be the most fun ever and was definitely class clown. He adores his beach walks and holidays to Devon. He may not be the smartest boy ever, but he loves everyone and everything. Especially running, he adores running."


dylan success


paw pink8. "I can't express enough what a wonderful dog Georgie is. I've had him 15 months now and never spent a day a part, since having him we both have got fitter, he loves to sleep in my bed with me, he definitely is an affectionate dog and very loving. He means the world to me, we have a fantastic relationship and can't thank you enough for letting me have him."


Georgie success


paw pink9. "We adopted Lexi a few days ago and already she has become such a valued part of our family. Our other dog, Mio, seems to have adopted her too! They play together and run around in the garden like there is no tomorrow, they eat together, and nap together, and it is just so wonderful to see them together. Thank you so much for brining this wonderful girl into our lives!"


Lexi success


paw pink10. "Me and my partner rehomed miss piggy and we just wanted to send over some pictures of her now and to thank you again for everything we are a proper little family now."


miss piggy succes2


paw pink11. "Misty has settled into our home and is best friends with Flash. Here they are looking out at the garden together." 


Misty success


paw pink12.  "We adopted Pru (she was called Evita with you which was from her racing name). She is our second rescue greyhound and it's safe to say they are now soul sisters! Fran (our first) never really wanted to play. She does now Pru is in the house! Pru settled in soooo quickly and is a complete sweetie. She loves her walks and can often be seen bouncing along but shes most happy snuggled up on the sofa. She loves meeting new people and pooch friends and is always extremely polite. We love watching her continue to grow and feel very lucky to have her in our pack! Everyone needs a greyhound (or 2) in their life."


Pru success


paw pink13. "Thank you so much for Denzel! He was around 1 year old when we adopted him from Lincoln Farm. He benefited from some great positive training at a small dog class to learn his basics and the last couple of summers he has loved showing off his agility skills. Denzel is a small dog with a big personality and he gathers fans wherever he goes. His adventures have included fellwalking in the lake district and several campervan trips. Denzel loves nothing better than to curl up with on the sofa and have a tummy rub. Thank you for such a lovely dog!"


Denzil success


paw pink14. "A message from Otto! We are all so grateful for the support you gave us in making our gorgeous boy happy. Since having the gun shot pellet removed from his spine, he is a completely new dog who melts the hearts of everyone. He has changed my life since the day I met him and we all thank you for bringing him into our lives."


otto success


paw pink15. "Teddy is settling in well and his skin has healed beautifully and although he won’t get his fur back he looks really good! He has got some coats to wear to protect his skin from the sun. Teddy is a very lovable dog, he runs around like a greyhound and would just keep running if he was allowed. He is a cheeky chap as pulls up the plants in the garden as soon as Linda has planted them and he likes to steal peoples shoes. Although, he is still very nervous of cars and lorries he does love playing with other dogs and doing zoomies but he is not very good at recall. He’s so friendly with everyone and loves nothing better than chasing seagulls and crows on the beach."


2teddy success


paw pink16. Just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you do thorough the year. I have enclosed some photos of my lovely Katie whom I was lucky enough to rescue in May 2016. She’s an absolute joy to live with. We love her dearly."


Katie success


paw pink17. "We've been out for some nice walks the last few days and Dillon had his first water experience in a little river near us.  As you can imagine, he took to it as if he was born in water; he waded straight in with Jett, no hesitation and jumped around in it with great delight. The boys like a morning rough and tumble game in the garden when they get up, have their breakfast and then a snooze to digest before going out for a walk. Dillon is just fine with being in the house, no problem at all; he has made friends with a toy otter and a soft, squeaky hedgehog toy.  He also likes to fetch all our shoes and take them to bed, as well as gently carrying off my reading glasses and other items that he likes."


Dillon success


paw pink18. "Daisy has settled in very well! Harley was a little sulky to begin with but they seem to be making friends. She looks out the window a lot, watching the world go by, in a week or so I will take her outside. She did actually get out briefly today through a window, but came straight back to me, thank goodness! I will be a nervous wreck when we let her out for the first time."


daisy success


paw pink19. "My dad rehomed Kiera from Margaret Green at Tavistock and they are so happy together. She has been his companion since my mum passed away and she is adorable. They enjoy their little stolls together, she loves nothing better than lounging on the sofa, from where she will ask dad to hold her paw during evening. She has visits from my dog and both of my brothers dogs. She certainly has found a loving forever home, and a human who adores her."


keira success


paw pink20. "Lily is doing really well, thank you." 


lily success


paw pink21. "Luna is so wonderful! She settled almost straight away and was eating within the first 10 mins of being home! She’s so affectionate and comfortable here. A brief but positive meeting with Lupa, we’re going to take it slow so hopefully they’ll become friends!"


Luna success


paw pink22. "When we got Molly she was very nervous and looked liked she'd had a rough start in life but we fell in love with her immediately. Now she's much more confident, extremely loving with an amazing personality that makes us smile and we can't imagine our lives without her."


molly success


paw pink23. "Trigger has settled in and gives us much love and happiness he gives us. He socialises really well with other dogs, loves chasing balls on the beach and our long country walks. We take him to restaurants and pubs and he is so well behaved. We can't believe how lucky we are to have him, he is such a sweet boy!"


trigger success


paw pink24. "Bogart is very well and happy. He is our third child, very entertaining and makes us laugh with his antics. We bought him a pull toy (he is not a fan of toys normally) but he distroyed this one in minutes and was very pleased with himself. Thank you once again for looking after him and all the work you do for the animals."


bogart success


paw pink25. "I wanted to share with you - one of our little rescue hens from you, Margo, loves to work with me in the office."


margo success


paw pink26. "Jacko has settled in fine and Ella has accepted him after an initial "I'm boss here". He turned out to be house trained, a blessing, and is just what we hoped for. He has been on some long walks.Thank you for picking the right dog for us and Ella."


Jacko success


paw pink27. "Lily (Beryl) has settled in fantastically in her new rural home. A little nervous at first, she soon found her feet and now is “ruling the roost” here with us. She now loves going outside and exploring and loves lots of cuddles and running around the house. She loves trying to find you if you hide from her. Lily has made a big difference to our lives and we are far richer for caring for her."


lily succes cat


paw pink28. "As you can see Archie has settled in really well and enjoying an afternoon nap in a comfy chair in the shade. We all love Archie and can't believe how lucky we are to have him live with us."


archie success


paw pink29. "Charlie is an absolute dream - he seems very happy here. He even sits outside with us now and loves it! He has completely settled, is eating well - has put on a bit of weight. Getting on well with our dog Mia, he has found so many amazing sleeping places, but quite often spends half the night on our bed. We are very lucky to have him - so thankyou."


charlie success


paw pink30. "Thought you may like a "Violet" photo. Kiki is doing really well and enjoying the chaos with the boys. She is now a fully training goal keeper!"


kiki success


paw pink31. "A update on Dinky and Girly! They are two wonderful piggies and have settled in very well. Always talking and very interested in what we are doing. As to be expected they spend most of the time sunbathing and sleeping, or eating! Girly is very friendly and easy going, apart from if Dinky gets in the way of food! Dinky has been a bit more nervous but is certainly getting better, even rolling over for a belly rub a few days ago! They have both taken turns to escape and explore the garden, but always follow the sound of food!"


dinky&girly success


paw pink32. "We first visited Molly-Rose and put our interest forward 5 years ago, we loved her from the very first time we met her and visited her every weekend until she came home to us on the 5th June 2015. We have never looked back. Molly-Rose is just amazing, so mild mannered and has a calming effect on other horses. Molly-Rose is well loved and pampered as both Mel and Andrew from Damory would confirm as they try to come out and see her on checks/vaccinations. We love this gorgeous girl so much and feel very blessed she came into our lives."


Mollyrose success


paw pink33. "Hi from Charlie and Toby. They won our hearts the first time we met them and giving them a forever home was the best thing we have ever done ....we love these cute boys very much."


charlietoby success


paw pink34. "I rescued Bay and Clove (then called Hoppity and Savannah) during the summer of 2018. They settled in very quickly and have loved exploring our garden ever since. They eat everything at rabbit level so all our shrubs have turned into trees now, but the bonus is that we haven't mowed the lawn since they came home with us! They also love chasing our cat around too! They've bought so much joy to our home and they make is smile every single morning. They are so loved. Thanks for letting them come home with me."


bay and clover success


paw pink35. "My name is Spangle, when I lived with you at Church Knowle I was called Flyer (no one knew why) and I had no fur on the back half of my body, legs or tail as I had been I overgrooming due to anxiety and stress. They said they thought I had lost my mind and weren’t sure that anyone would want me. Although I looked and behaved a bit strange, a couple came along and said they would give me a home with lots of love and patience and now I am so happy. They called me Spangle because they said I am a little sweetie (apparently you have to be over a certain age to understand that!) I love my new Mummy and Daddy and because I am not stressed any more my fur has all grown back. My favourite things are chasing my squeaky mouse, playing with my ball that gives me a biscuit when I bat it and sleeping in between Mummy and Daddy on their bed at night. I still have the occasional panic attack but they keep me safe and it doesn’t happen as often as it did and I get over it quicker. I love my new home."


spangle success


paw pink36. "Sprinkle has settled in really well, even on day 1. He has explored most of the downstairs of our house and has found a cosy (albeit narrow) windowsill that he likes to sit on and observe. He also has his little safe place under a chair in our conservatory. He ate well and seemed happy overnight and was pleased to see us all first thing this morning. We are so pleased that he's joined us and is already great company. Thanks again for your help."




paw pink37. "Just thought we would send you a a picture of Dave our Cockapoo (was Sam). He has settled into family life really well and seems to be loving his new home and family, loves long walks, exploring and playing with other friends he meets on his travels."


dave success


paw pink38. "Dougie (formerly Hugo) here. I have been with my family (which includes my friend Drummer who also came via MGAR 11 years ago) now for 6 years and still love life to the full. My favourite activities are playing with my ball and going for long walks. Here I am walking in the Peak District. My enthusiasm for life never dwindles and it rubs off on everyone I meet. I have brought so much joy and happiness to my family."




paw pink39. "Remember Benny, the Sharpei that needed a facelift? Well he’s now called Dylan and has been a part of my family for the last four years and he is an absolute sweetheart! Anyone who has owned a Sharpei knows that they’re not the easiest to train. Dylan has always been good in the car but didn’t know about going for walks and was completely horrified at the thought of going out in the rain or walking through puddles! It took about a year to get him used to these things and now he’s the first to remind me if I’m late for walks! A huge thank you to everyone who donated towards Dylan’s operations four years ago. We will both be eternally grateful that there are so many good people out there helping to improve the lives of dogs they may never meet."


dylan success2


paw pink40. "Here is an update on poodle Widget (now Harry) adopted in October 2016 from Dorset. This was to be Harry’s third home and that could have been due to him being a bit of a biter. However, Jim and Harry managed to work through this problem and settled down together. Then in 2018 Harry was diagnosed with diabetes and his condition deteriorated as it took months to get his insulin levels right. At last in 2019 he became stable requiring daily injections. As this routine became established, sadly Harry went blind caused by cataracts in both eyes. Harry was then required to go to Havant to have them removed and now, with ongoing eye drops, has his sight back. Harry is now well, happy and looking good. Jim and Harry are the best of friends and completely devoted to each other."


harry success


paw pink41. "I adopted a beautiful black labrador called Peppa from you and I just wanted to let you know how well she is doing. She is such a lovely girl, really good natured and loves everyone. She was very excitable when I got her from you but she has calmed down and I've taught her not to jump up at people. She loves her walks (a bit restricted at the moment sadly) and seems to particularly like the beach. I had just enrolled for dog training classes and then the coronavirus shut down happened so we'll be doing that later in the year hopefully.

Not sure that she had lived with cats as she seems to think they all need chasing but we're working on that one and making progress!"


peppa success


paw pink42. " Binksy (was Spyro) has been having lots of fun with his toys and walks and finding the sofa very comfy! All is going well and he’s a very cuddly loving and lovely boy, a little cheeky at times and curious about everything, but that just adds to his character. We are beginning puppy training next week so he has more socialisation with other dogs and we can polish up on command training. We have had some naughty puppy moments like stealing various things and running off with them, which is par for the course, but all in all he seems to be settling well."


binksy success


paw pink43. "Brody has now been with us for 2 weeks and it seems like he’s always been part of our family. He’s settled in really well - certainly keeps us on our toes and provides us with much laughter with his funny little antics. We’d just like to thank you all for giving us the opportunity of providing him with his forever home."


brody success


paw pink44. "As promised please see attached photos of Kody. He has very much made himself at home, he is being very respectful of Boyce and backs off when being told off, he does push his luck a bit further with Fern but again does listen when told off which is a promising start. He tends to walk off and find a toy to play with instead. He is also a massive cuddle monster!!! Thank you for all your help and advice, And thank you for choosing us to be his forever home, we start training classes in a couple of weeks and are very much looking forward to it."


2kovi success


paw pink45. "I thought you would like an update on Max. He has settled in perfectly, he loves long walks followed by an evening of snoozing on the sofa! He’s been a huge hit with our friends and family and always gets some fuss when we take him to the pub with us!"


Max successLF


paw pink46. "A quick update on Albert (we are changing his name slightly to Albi but he will remain Albert in all the official records). Friday, when we collected him, was a really tough day for him but he was amazing. It took us about 3.5 hours to get back home. We stopped along the way for a wee break in Bridport and strolled along a river there. Once he came home, he went straight onto his bed and pretty much stayed there for the rest of the evening. He didn’t want to eat that evening but he was drinking well. He didn’t want his breakfast the following morning either but then, by 3.30 he was hungry and woofed his food, which was great to see. He's been out for walks with us, just around the area. He has been fantastic with the cats and the cats have been pretty good with him too. Our skittish cat is settling down and our other one just ignored him. We love him and he is fabulous company. He is shy and a bit anxious, as you said, but it will take time for him to see us as the safe space that he can rely on but it will come with time."




paw pink47. "Hello from Ava! Since leaving you in March I have become quite a character. Since my owners last messaged you I have become a much more confident dog, although some things still make me jumpy and nervous. I like to try and chase the squirrels up the trees and I just pull my owners without warning, I think it’s funny but again they don’t especially as Buddy has learnt this trick. He thinks he’s better than me because he has four legs!


Seriously, Ava has now fully settled in and watching her and Buddy finally play together is lovely to watch. She barks at Buddy if he’s lay in her spot until he gives in and moves to his own spot. It took lots of encouragement to get Ava to gain trust a 100% and it was easy to see why it took her so long. I guess with Buddy he was found at 12 weeks wandering the streets so his anxiety was nowhere near like hers. She bounds up the back garden now to greet you when you come back from work or shopping. Her favourite toy to play with is a old fluffy hat and sometimes her and Buddy play tug of war with it. One thing she does like to do is chew the mail and this was something Buddy never did, so just today we have purchased a mail box for the back of the front door which has confused her. We are very lucky to have two such lovely rescue dogs and we can only thank you all for the hard work and dedication that you all put in to giving these dogs a new home."


ava success


paw pink48. "Bruce settling in!"


Bruce success


paw pink49. "Well, what a hard time it has been for everybody during "lockdown". I hope you are all keeping safe and well, and that the dogs and other animals will eventually start finding new homes again. Out on a walk in the lanes in Exmouth we met a lovely lady who had rehomed a cat from Wingletang recently! Dasher has been a Godsend during this time, and I cannot put into words how delighted we were to receive the MGAR magazine, and see Dasher featured at the bottom of the page with his sister. But best of all is the fact that Luna now has a happy home, and is coming on in leaps and bounds. We both had moist eyes! Wonderful news! We hope all the puppies are doing well. Dasher is full of fun. He is very alert, loves his toys and chasing a ball and he's a good swimmer! We had a socially distanced walk on Dartmoor, and were a bit worried how he would behave with our four year old granddaughter,  who he hasn't seen (none of us have of course) for 3 months, but he loved charging around playing with her. He has had lots of socialisation with dogs on walks, but of course virtually nobody apart from ourselves comes into our house at the moment, that is one area where he ,and presumably most of his siblings will have missed out, which is a shame, but hopefully will gradually be rectified."


Dasher success


paw pink50. "Duchess has very much made herself at home. She’s a great character and loves sitting on our laps so we can’t move. Good for relaxing! She’s eating well and so alert. She seems so knowledgeable and is great company. She stays with us and doesn’t seem to wander out of the back garden unless she heard us in the front garden. Best cat ever! Thanks for all you’re doing."


Duchess success


paw pink51. "Jackson is thoroughly enjoying life 6 months on! He has just returned from a week on board a boat on the Norfolk Broads – making the most of the new experiences, including doggy ice-cream! He has proved great entertainment, always making up new games to play and keeping us amused and active! He has made many, many friends (both human and canine) and enjoys exploring the lanes and footpaths around here."


jackson success


paw pink52. "Marshall took his first steps outside yesterday and it’s pretty clear to see that he loved it. He explored the garden yesterday and has ventured up to the farm yard today. I want to say thank you again for everything you did for him, he is a lovely cat and definitely seems to loge his new home!"


2marshall success


paw pink53. "We rescued Nelson from you on 28th December 2019. He was nervous at first but with the time and patience he's fitted in so well at my Dads. My partner Ian takes him for his walks. He greets everyone he meets with such gusto and he's getting on well with my staffie Ria. Thought you would like some happy news after all this current fiasco."


Nelson success


paw pink54. "Mabel came to us in January 2018 soon after her front leg was amputated. She appears to have no idea she only has three legs - she runs and chases scents (typical Beagle) - as if she had four! Mabel is a joy and lives happily with our cat and two chickens. She loves - and is loved - by everyone we meet (we tell children who ask that we haven't told her she only has three legs as it's a secret!)."




paw pink55. "Fleur and Coco have settled in extremely well and have already trained us to be at their beck and call. They have passed their cat flap test this week so we are no longer having to be their door slave. Fleur is the naughty one, extremely inquisitive and tends to get her own way. Coco is less adventurous but an amazing footballer. Throughout the night she carries upstairs about 7 balls! We already adore them, they have taken to a sofa each most nights and we have to try and squeeze ourselves on."


2flurecoco success