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At Home Easter Trail

We know everyone loves our Easter Trail, which we usually run at Church Knowle Rescue and Rehoming Centre, Dorset but this year due to the current situation and our centres being closed, we have come up with something different to keep you all entertained…

At home easter trail

Take part in our ‘at home Easter trail’ by following this simple steps and getting involved.

  • Download and print the questions slips and cut them out along the dotted lines.
  • Download and print the questions and answer sheet so you can see who get’s them right
  • Pin up the question slips around your home and/or garden
  • Children (and adults!) can then have fun finding the questions, answer them and take part in the activities
  • Hand out Easter treats as prizes

Questions slips download here

Questions and Answers download here 

These downloads are free but if you are able to and would like to make a donation to our rescue animals please click below 

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Have fun!