Name: Cheeko
Breed: Terrier X Collie
Age: 4
Location: Devon
Gender: Male
MGAR Reference: 54706
Cheeky Cheeko is an energetic Collie X Terrier who sadly was not able to cope with being left alone in his previous home, so he is hoping to find a new home with paw-rents who are around during the day to help him overcome his anxieties and slowly build up the time that he is comfortable to be in his own company.

It has been a pleasure getting to know Cheeko and seeing his personality come out as he has settled in with us. Cheeko adores his toys and loves to play, so is looking for a home where he can have lots of fun. An active family who loves the outdoors would be the perfect match for him as he loves to go on plenty of adventures. He loves his training sessions and is always eager to learn.

Cheeko is also very fond of running around the field and has made some four legged friends that he is happy to share this time with. Sometimes Cheeko can be shy with dogs that are unfamiliar to him, but after a couple of meets he enjoys having a new canine pal to join in on his adventures. We therefore feel he could live with another dog pending successful introductions.
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