Name: Sadie
Breed: Basset X
Age: 4
Location: Devon
Gender: Female
MGAR Reference: 54675
Sadie here is a 4 and a half year old Basset hound X who came to the centre because she was unhappy around the children in her previous home, so she would like to find a new adult only home where she can be at her happiest.

Sadie can be quite shy initially but once she builds up some trust in you, she is keen to come and soak up all of the attention on offer. Sadie will need new owners who can help to build the confidence she needs to feel safer in areas that she is still uncomfortable being handled, which will take time and patience and some tasty treats which Sadie is eager to participate for.

Sadie is happy to be around the other dogs here at the centre and will sometimes engage in a bit of play with one of her friends, but she also really enjoys getting her nose down in true basset style and having a good sniff of her surroundings. Due to this and what we know of her previous home, we feel that Sadie would be best suited to a home as the only pet, where she can continue to make friends out on walks but have the run of the house to herself.

Due to her breed, Sadie is having glucosamine supplements in her diet as a preventative measure for her joints, so this is something that we would ask her new owners to continue with, alongside her daily exercise.

If you would like to know more about whether Sadie could be the one for you then please get in touch with our team.
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