Name: Ellie
Breed: Akita
Age: 2
Location: Dorset
Gender: Female
MGAR Reference: 54555
Very fluffy and full of charm, this gorgeous girl is called Ellie, and she is a two-year-old Akita. From the word go, Ellie shows everyone that she is the class clown and loves to let out her cheeky playful nature. She loves to bound and bounce all around the secure paddocks here at Lincoln Farm, and from time to time she’ll jump up on to the benches to put herself in prime position to be the centre of attention.

When her favourite treats are on offer, she is very eager to learn, and is an exemplary student, but if you don’t have what she likes, you can forget it…this girl knows what she likes and has a taste for the finer things in life. Chicken, cheese (preferably cheddar) and liver pate are high on her list of priorities.

Whilst she loves being an independent woman, Ellie will seek out affection from her favourite people and can be very loving. She also generally prefers to keep her distance from other dogs and is happiest in her own space doing her own thing.

When she gets excited Ellie can sometimes forget her manners and her size and will jump up quite high. For this reason, we would like to find her a home with people who are comfortable around larger dogs and are used to sharing their home with bigger dogs. We also feel that Ellie would be happiest as the only pet in the home and would thrive with an older family made up of adults and teenagers.
You can find me in Dorset
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