Name: Ozzie
Breed: Poodle X Bichon
Age: 1
Location: Devon
Gender: Male
MGAR Reference: 54527
1 year old Ozzie is a small Poodle x Bichon, who came to the centre after a change in circumstance meant that he was unable to get the exercise and attention he so wants. Don't be fooled by Ozzie's size as he is one lively chap who is always springing around the field.

Ozzie can be unsure in new situations and takes time to get to know you, so he will need a patient owner who can help him grow in confidence and continue his training that we have started at the centre.

Ozzie is looking to live in an adult only home but Ozzie enjoys the company of other dogs and he gets the confidence from being around steady dogs, so he would love to have a calm female dog in the home.

Ozzie is an active boy and enjoys his long walks, he also has a cheeky side once he knows you and will try to push his boundaries. Ozzie is looking for a family that is around for most of the day, and in return you will see what a loyal boy he is.

Due to Ozzie's age and breed, we expect to have a lot of interest in him, so once he has found his home he will be marked as reserved.
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