Name: Clooney
Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Age: 0
Location: Dorset
Gender: Male
MGAR Reference: 54525
Are you looking for a loyal sidekick?

Since arriving here at Lincoln Farm Clooney seems to have been trying to audition for a role in the Loony Tunes! Always full of character and mischief this boy cannot wait to bring his new family in on all the fun and excitement.

This youngster is a 10-month-old male Staffie, that found himself in our care after wandering alone as a stray, therefore we are unsure on his upbringing and his past experiences. It is clear that he may have had a somewhat sheltered life as he can become worried by random objects, garden hoses are very scary! With some patience and treats though this brave boy combated his fear and gave it a little sniff.

It is clear that this young lad has had a lot of training previously as he will quite happily sit, lay down and give his paw for a treat, with a little effort he will even look away from other dogs for a tasty treat, which helps when meeting new friends.

One of Clooney’s loves is an off lead game of chase with his 4 legged buddies, though he can become a little amorous and therefore we are currently looking for a home without other dogs until he has learnt his doggy etiquette.

Another way to this cheeky chap’s heart is a game of tug of war! He takes this very seriously and loves to tell you how much fun he is having by all his Staffie noises.

As Clooney is still a youngster and learning to settle we are looking for an adult only family where there is someone always around initially, this way he can learn that relaxing alone can be just as enjoyable as being with his human companions. Our team has been introducing a crate, in the hopes that this will help him, when it comes to him being left.

We also feel that this boy is best suited to a home without cats or small furries.
You can find me in Dorset
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