Wispa & Twirl

Name: Wispa & Twirl
Breed: English Springer Spaniel
Age: 8
Location: Dorset
Gender: Female
MGAR Reference: 54486
Calling all spaniel lovers! This fabulous duo includes Twirl (9 years) and Wispa (8 years), both female springer spaniels who are looking for their forever home together.

These lovely girls entered our care as strays, so their past is very much unknown to us. However, this has not dampened their spirits, and they still have so much love and affection to share with a new family that can give them all the pampering they deserve.

Although entering their senior years, this pair clearly hasn’t got the memo and are still super active. Since being in our care we’ve realised that they enjoy nothing more than charging around in our enclosed fields and chasing after squishy toys which they parade around in front of you. When out and about, in true spaniel fashion their tails never stop wagging, and their noses are constantly on the ground or in the hedgerows. We are sure that forest and heathland walks would be a big hit with these two!

These girls seem to have the basics down in their training, but we think they would really enjoy continuing this with their new family to keep their brains active and working for that tasty treat!

Both Twirl and Wispa have been so confident with their carers while at the centre and have been enjoying all the affection and cuddles they want. Due to their well-rounded natures, we think they would be able to live with older children (all the more people to play with). We also feel they could live with like-minded canine friends and possibly a dog savvy cat too.
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