Name: Lyra
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Age: 5
Location: Dorset
Gender: Female
MGAR Reference: 54475
Introducing our beautiful Lyra, who is 5 year old domestic short hair. Lyra, very sadly, was handed in to our care, where she was found wondering alone, in search of a helping hand, and has since become a rather popular girl amongst our carer's here at Church Knowle.

Lyra is a gentle, sweet-natured girl who is confident and social around her humans. Despite the extremely sad circumstances in which she arrived, Lyra is extraordinarily trusting of her carers and will welcome you into her space with open paws, where she will likely end up snoozing on your lap for the majority of the day. Whilst in our care, it is clear to see that Lyra very much prefers being close to her carers, and will likely express her delight to see you by climbing onto your shoulder and brushing herself against your cheek, which our carers find absolutely adorable.

During the day, you will likely find Lyra laying up high on her cat tree overlooking the countryside or at the door waiting for some interaction with her carers. Lyra also enjoys a few play sessions with her fishing rod toy, which provides her with opportunities to express natural behaviors, those that she finds particularly enriching.

However, despite Lyra's incredible resilience and hope for that special second chance, she very sadly, arrived into our care with a skin condition, which, left untreated, worsened and became quite painful for our sweet poppet. Thankfully, our wonderful veterinary team have been managing and treating Lyra's skin, and gradually, she is growing happier and healthir every day.

Due to Lyra's extremely sweet, gentle nature, we believe that she would be at her happiest in either an adult only home or family home with no other pets, where she can have access to a safe, secure garden.

If you feel that you could be the special someone to offer our sweet girl a new beginning in life, please get in contact with us on 01929 480474.
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