Slap-Dash Pete (Reserved)

Name: Slap-Dash Pete (Reserved)
Breed: Patterdale Terrier
Age: 3
Location: Dorset
Gender: Male
MGAR Reference: 54431
What a man this ruggedly handsome dude is! He goes by Slap-dash Pete or Petey-Boy to his close pals!

Slap-dash Pete is a charming 3 year old Patterdale Terrier with a heart of gold and a terrific sense of adventure and fun. He has oodles of energy and in typical terrier fashion he loves to be on the go, keeping both his nose and his paws nice and busy. He is also very affectionate and enjoys having people around him, especially when they are making a fuss of him – he could lap this up all day long.

If you and your family love to keep active and enjoy spending time hiking through the forest or going on long country walks, then Slap-dash would love to join your gang. This fun-seeking chap would be best suited to a family made up of teenagers and adults who would enjoy continuing his training.

We also think that Slap-dash-Pete could also potentially live with other dogs, and our team would be able to organise canine introductions to ensure all dog involved were happy and content in one another’s company. Petey-boy has enjoyed running about in our paddocks and fields with canine friends whilst he has been in our care, but he can sometimes be a little too exuberant so any new canine sisters would need to be comfortable with this.

Petey-Boy has also shown some particular talent when it comes to working out how to get to the yummy treats we hide in a range of enrichment toys for him, and he really enjoys chowing down on a frozen Kong filled with some yummy food.
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