Del Boy, Crunchie & Biscoff

Name: Del Boy, Crunchie & Biscoff
Breed: Unknown
Age: 2
Location: Dorset
Gender: Male
MGAR Reference: 54375
We would love for you to meet the adorable Delboy and his girls, who are all around 1 year old Guinea pigs. Delboy came into our care when his owners could no longer give him the care that he deserves, where after being neutered he was able to meet Crunchie and Biscoff who came to us via another welfare organisation.

We have been loving getting to know these guys and it has been a joy to see them start to come out of their shell and interact with their carers. Delboy is always very curious and loves to pop out and say hello.

One of their favourite times of day is when we come by and feed them their veggies and especially dandelions, and the little squeaks we hear in return are just adorable!

This group are looking for a home where they will have access to lots of space and plenty of enrichment to keep them healthy and happy. This could either be a combination of an indoor and outdoor setup or completely outdoors.

If you think that you could offer Delboy, Crunchie and Biscoff the home they deserve, please get in contact, as we would love to tell you how adding a Guinea pig to your home will be a truly rewarding experience.
You can find me in Dorset
Tel: 0330 400 6670 Email: