Name: Pickle
Breed: Collie x
Age: 1
Location: Devon
Gender: Male
MGAR Reference: 54325
Our little Pickle here is a handsome 1 year old Collie x who was very shut down and scared after not seeing much in his previous life, so he has taken time to start to trust his carers, but we have found it so rewarding from seeing how scared he was to now start enjoying a bit of fuss from his trusted carers.

Pickle would love to find a Collie loving owner who is looking for a dog that they can really make a difference with and have the time and patience to put into Pickle's training and socialisation. Pickle would benefit from attending training classes to help him form bonds with his new family as Pickle takes time to trust. We have started to get him used to walking on lead which is something we feel he hadn't done prior to coming to us.

Pickle has found it hard adjusting to new environments and can get worried quickly so he will need a home in a rural location so that he can gain confidence in a quiet surrounding. Pickle will also need another steady female dog in the home as he gains confidence being around his four legged friends. We feel Pickle could potentially live with older teens who are happy to let him come to them in his own time.

Pickle hasn't shown any Interest in toys yet but being a young lad and with regular time spent trying to engage him to play then hopefully he will realise the joy of play and start that puppyhood that he has missed out on.

We feel in time and with further training that Pickle will start to blossom, but for now his new owners will need to be dedicated to helping Pickle navigate this new and interesting world and help him learn that there is a lot of kindness around too. We think once Pickle has trust in you then you will have gained a friend for life.
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