Name: Kat
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Age: 10
Location: Dorset
Gender: Female
MGAR Reference: 53257
Introducing our beautiful Kat, who is a 10 year old domestic short hair. Kat very sadly entered our care due to a change in her previous owner's circumstances which meant that they could no longer provide for her care. Since entering our cattery, our carer's couldn't help but notice that Kat is quite the character and has been described as having a 'real zest for life'. Yes - it appears that sweet Kat is in fact young at heart, which is an absolute joy to see.

Despite experiencing an unfamiliar change of territory, Kat has taken cattery life in her stride and has acclimatized well to the transition, she is particularly fond of her large cozy bed, where you will find her snuggled up into for the afternoon. In the mornings, Kat is always at the door awaiting her breakfast and enjoys the opportunity to interact with her carers, she particularly loves interactive play with her fishing-rod toy.

Being the sweet-natured character that she is, Kat can sometimes struggle with spatial awareness and can occasionally become a little too overfamiliar. She will likely signal this by climbing up your arm and nuzzling her face against yours, with the odd attempt to sit on your back. As much as we adore these little quirks of Kat's, we appreciate that some people may prefer their space, so our carers have been working hard on redirecting her onto a more appropriate climbing outlet, such as her cat tree or perch.

We believe that Kat would be at her happiest in an adult or family home, with no other pets, where she can have free access to an enclosed garden via a cat flap, where she can explore the outside world once she feels safe and secure in her new surroundings.

If you feel that you could offer this sweet girl a loving home, please give us a call at our Church Knowle Rehoming Centre in Wareham.
You can find me in Dorset
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