Name: Jeremy
Breed: Ferret
Age: 1
Location: Dorset
Gender: Male
MGAR Reference: 53105
Introducing our mischievous ferret, Jeremy. He is only around 1 year old, so he has plenty of energy! This cheeky chap came into our care after his previous owner was sadly not able to spend enough time with him and his brother, which had started to have a negative impact on their behaviour, this has sadly led to us having to separate them.
Since being in our care, we have noticed that Jeremy absolutely loves to play and interact with us. For this reason, we feel that he would be best suited to a home with someone who will be home a lot to play and keep him occupied. We believe Jeremy would be happy joining an existing group of ferrets to socialize with. In other words, we think that he would be an excellent edition to a family-run business!
Jeremy is still learning some manners whilst being handled, so the staff think that he would benefit from living with new owners who have experience with looking after ferrets.
We have been feeding Jeremy his biscuits in activity feeders, to give him something to channel his energy into, and to help keep him mentally stimulated. We feel it would be important for these enrichment opportunities to be continued in his new home, to help keep Jeremy happy and healthy.
If you feel that you could provide a loving home for this fun character, please get in touch to find out more!
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