Gary, Amy And Erin (Reserved)

Name: Gary, Amy And Erin (Reserved)
Breed: Pygmy
Age: 5
Location: Dorset
Gender: Male
MGAR Reference: 52959
Introducing Gary, Amy and Erin, who are a terrific trio of Pygmy goats, aging from 2 to 5 years old, that will certainly keep you on your toes!
Due to their mischievous natures, this bunch will need a forever home with very secure fencing, which they will not be able to climb over or crawl under.
They are all highly energetic and love having plenty of enrichment in their pens to climb and play on, such as platforms and tree trunks, so it would be important for them to have the same opportunities available in their new home.
To ensure this lovely lot can thrive all year round, we feel they would be best suited to a home with accommodation that has plenty of hardstanding and a big shelter, to help protect these little poppets from the wind and the rain in the colder months.
Gary and his girls have brought a lot of joy to the centre since being in our care, and the staff have enjoyed interacting with them, whether this be having cuddles in their pen or taking them out for walks with their collars and leads.
If you think that you could offer this wonderful group a forever home, please contact us for more information.
You can find me in Dorset
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