Name: Bella
Breed: Shar Pei X
Age: 5
Location: Dorset
Gender: Female
MGAR Reference: 52883
We would like to introduce you to beautiful Bella, who is a Shar Pei x Staffordshire Bull Terrier…and who we think has probably got some of the prettiest markings we’ve ever seen!
With stunningly sincere eyes that could melt any heart, this still fairly youthful poppet is proving to be a real foodie, who is eager to please her besties in return for snacks with any new friends she has formed a sweet bond with. Anyone who knows a little about Bella's breed mixes would probably recognise her sometimes stubborn ways, but would also be pleased to hear our girl is a real cuddle bug, who knows what she wants from life and is ready to shine.

We would love to meet a special someone who knows and has experience of Bella’s breed mixes, and we would be thrilled to explain how we have been spending time and working hard with her to make sure she can continue to become the very best version of herself, and let her potential grow.

Bella is the life of the party, and her exuberant personality is contagious with the team here. She loves a belly rub on the sofa, and we have spent many rainy days enjoying this activity with her during her time in our care.
She can be particular with who she initially accepts as her fellow four-legged friends, but she mostly gives in to their charms and persistence, and joins in with play time! Bella can become vocal and fairly over the top when being introduced to new pals, and we would be delighted to show her potential new life-long human bestie(s) how to manage these kinds of introductions, to make sure everything goes ‘pawsitively.’

It's a real joy to watch Bella running around in enclosed, safe spaces because this is an activity she seems to absolutely love! Taking in all the sniffs and sights are her fave.
From getting to know what makes her happy, we feel that Bella would possibly get on well living with a male Shar Pei, or similar breed and size of pooch pal. It would be super important for an existing four-legged friend within the home to have several meetings with their new friend, Bella, in order to build a bond together. It is unlikely that we would be able to match our girl with a new home where cats or small furries live, so her new home would ideally have just human residents from older teenagers onward (and a possible pooch), so Bella could enjoy all the love and dedication on offer. If you feel you could offer a life-long happy home to the ‘Bella of the ball,’ we’d love to hear from you!
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