Name: Tom
Breed: Collie
Age: 3
Location: Devon
Gender: Male
MGAR Reference: 52569
Introducing Tom, who is a handsome 3 year old Collie. Tom arrived as an unclaimed stray, and was very scared and worried with life when we met him.

We can see Tom hasn't had the best of life's previously, so we have been working on building his confidence, it has been a slow process but we are seeing a cheeky side come out of Tom with people he is familiar with.

Although Tom can be shy around new people, he comes out of his shell once all of his doggy play mates enter the field. He is a very social boy, who loves to run and play with the other dogs. For this reason we feel Tom would be happiest going into a home with an existing steady dog, who can help him get used to all of the new things he will encounter that he may find overwhelming without a friend to give him confidence.

Another love of Tom's life is his toys, but you will have to be sneaky to catch him in the act of throwing his toys about and puppy bowing, as he doesn't like an audience.

Tom would be best suited to an adult only home who can offer a quiet, patient and understanding environment for this lovely boy, to help him flourish into the wonderful companion.

Tom takes time to trust and needs further confidence building around his handling and new situations, so his potential new owner(s) will need to visit him multiple times at the centre before taking him home.
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