Bertie (Reserved)

Name: Bertie (Reserved)
Breed: Sprocker
Age: 1
Location: Devon
Gender: Male
MGAR Reference: 52248
Spaniel lovers look no further than our handsome Bertie, who is 1 years old. Bertie arrived in our care due to his previous owners finding it hard to meet his needs, as this boy is full of beans.
The best way to describe Bertie is he is a real whirlwind, he is very enthusiastic with life, which means he can be rather vocal when he gets excited, we have been working on this here at the centre and helping Bertie realise that he doesn’t always need to make himself heard. Bertie has been doing well with his socialisation and training classes, and has shown a keen interest in learning, especially if there are treats involved. We feel Bertie’s most suited home would be where his new owners have the time and patience to dedicate to his training, so he can really blossom into the dog we know he can be.
Bertie has a real zest for life, whether that is his two legged or his canine pals, we have found him to be a social chap and is always eager to meet new friends. Due to Bertie’s love of attention, we know he struggles when being left, so his new owners will need to be around for the majority of the day to help him overcome this.
Bertie would be happiest in a home where his owners are as eager as he is to enjoy the outdoors, so he can have long countryside walks exploring all the new scents and sights around. We feel Bertie would also excel in agility or as a Cani cross partner, but be sure you can keep up with him as this boy likes to run.
We feel Bertie would like the company of another steady doggy pal, who is happy around excitable dogs. Bertie could possibly live with teenagers if the meeting went well.
If you think you meet Bertie’s activity requirements and would like to find out how this boy will keep you busy, then we would love to hear from you.
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