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Meeko (Reserved)

Name: Meeko (Reserved)
Age: 2
Gender: Male
Breed: Netherland Dwarf
Location: Dorset
MGAR Reference: 50035

Hello there, my name is Meeko and I am 2 years old. I am looking for a single female neutered companion to be rehomed with. I am a nervous lad but I am starting to settle in but I can be a little picky in what I will eat. I am currently waiting to be neutered so I am not quite ready to meet anyone but if you are interested in giving me my forever home please call 01929 480474 and have a chat with the staff.

If you are interested in rehoming please have a look at the minimum housing requirements on the main small animals rehoming page.

Would you like to rehome me?

You can find me in Dorset, please use the contact details below to find out more:

Tel: 01929 480474 Email: