Finding Forever Homes

Leo (reserved)

Name: Leo (reserved)
Age: 7
Gender: Male
Breed: Japanese Spitz
Location: Dorset
MGAR Reference: 41013

Hello my name is Leo and I am a nearly 8 year old Japanese spitz. I enjoy going out on my walks and having a sniff around. I am quite unfit at the moment so need my exercise slowly built up. Although I enjoy going on walks with my 4 legged pals, I would like to be the only dog in an adult only home. I am on a medication called Epiphen which I need to take daily. This is because I have Epilepsy and without it I could start having seizures. I love having cuddles and being around people and I love getting treats for being a good boy.

Would you like to rehome me?

You can find me in Dorset, please use the contact details below to find out more:

Tel: 01929 471340 Email: