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Name: Bubbles
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Breed: Unknown
Location: Dorset
MGAR Reference: 24562

Hello there, my name I Bubbles and I am 13 years old. I am Saanen goat with horns, I am looking for a forever home with my companion Cupid. We can be a bit of a cheeky pair and it would be better if we were rehomed to someone that has had experience with goats as our 'play' towards humans can get a bit over the top. I have had some ongoing medical issues with phantom pregnancy's and hoof problems. If you are interested in giving us a forever home please call on 01929 480474 and chat to one of the staff members.

Would you like to rehome me?

You can find me in Dorset, please use the contact details below to find out more:

Tel: 01929 480474 Email:

Watch a video of me:

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